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Subject:Tattoo update & life in general
Time:09:24 am
Have been feeling a bit down about the whole laser removal thing as I don't think much has happened. I've had 3 treatments so far and they're both still really visible.

I hadn't really compared the now with the before, so I thought it was time to see if there really IS no difference or if I'm just imagining it.
First picture is before treatment started, second is as of today:

I'm amazed!! There's a really noticeable difference!!

Timeline wise, I have session #4 on Tuesday week, so by Christmas I will have had 7 treatments. They suggest it takes between 8 - 12 to remove them completely so by Christmas.... I could be nearly there!!

I'm hoping it doesn't go to the full 12 as that'll be May and I hope to be well on my way to Japan by then (unless I get onto JET then I've got til July).

Speaking of which, the application period for that starts soon. I've been emailing the JET office quite a bit to sort out just what I need to apply (as I don't have an actual degree). But I think it's all sorted, just waiting on CIMA now for something. So fingers crossed!

I feel a bit weird about it though. I mean, if I got on I would be really pleased naturally. It would be a career break, which isn't a bad thing but it would be a pay cut which again, is do-able if I knuckle down and pay off some credit cards before I go!! XD

But really, I want to get a "proper" job in Japan - something business orientated - supply chain, finance, projects - that kinda thing. Not just because of the money (but it would probably be Y2m more!!) but because it's what I enjoy. And of course, I'd like to ideally be in Tokyo #1 or Nagoya #2.

But who knows, if I am fortunate enough to get the JET gig then hey, I might change my outlook!!

Anyway, I have to apply and they have to accept me first which is the BIGGEST hurdle.

So plan of action here in is:

Sep: talk to boss, get references for JET, ask about transferring within company (<---- that would be IDEAL!! Keep benefits, salary, service history)
Oct: apply for JET
Dec: JLPT N3
Jan: hear from JET re interview, either way follow up re internal transfer
Feb: get JLPT results, update CV (hopefully!!!!) if no joy with internal transfer, start applying direct
If I get on, YEAY!! If I get positive feedback from direct applications then I have another decision to make...

But if I get on JET, that's a year minimum in JP that I can use to improve my Japanese up to business level, then whilst over there look for the "proper" job.

Short term plan - go to gym, go to cinema and watch possibly terrible Fright Night film, come home, study Japanese.

Actually, I might go into town to see if there's any good Japanese films out on DVD at the moment. All good revision XD Also, I've been wanting to watch Battle Royale recently and don't have it on DVD as it was a casualty of my divorce (he kept it!)

yosh.. GYM.
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Subject:Lasering #3 tomorrow, Dir en grey & fanservice
Time:10:59 pm
Current Mood:geeky
Current situation:

The bits that blistered the most have lost the most ink; odd. It's actually quite exciting seeing how much ink goes each time. Going for 3rd session tomorrow, I'll see if I can take some pictures straight after the session to show how it looks when the ink vaporises on contact with the laser!!! Sounds vicious. It is. Don't get tattoos kids!!

Speaking of tattoos, went to Koko in Camden on Friday to see Dir en grey. Haven't seen Diru live since ooooooh, 2008? 2009? They bloody well have NOT aged one little bit! I only knew 2 songs, Zan and Ain't Afraid to Die.


It was so good, Kyo's voice was superb. Strong and clean. Shame about the tossers in the audience who couldn't keep quite during the break just before the guitar solo. It made the evening.

Toshiya was very genki, Die very cool and Kaoru just well, Kaoru.

Mr Kyo-sama well, man's got ink! It's his fault I had my half sleeve - he was just starting with his sleeves and I wanted to keep up! I fell WAY behind it seems.

I hung around for an hour or so after the gig, waiting near the tour bus. There was a sign inside the door in Japanese that said something about the toilet paper dispenser in the bus toilet. It also smelled of cough medicine or TCP or something. I went before the band came out though. Not until I'd sent a really emo Tweet to Ruki saying, Oh Ruki... I'm at Diru in London (read between the lines buddy)and we really love Japanese bands in Europe so please don't forget us!

Finally, fanservice. Ruki x Hiroto.

I don't blame Hiroto one little bit. I bet he's been waiting, biding his time until he could get his hands on Matsumoto-san. Yessssssss..... plotting, planning.....

I wonder what Reita makes of it all.
(still 110% convinced they're perfect for each other)


"Well done" Reita handed a towel to Hiroto as he walked past. "You did good out there tonight."

Hiroto grasped the fluffy fabric but Reita didn't let go, instead pulling both it and the guitarist slightly towards him.

"Did you enjoy your moment? Did you like feeling his lips on your neck?"

The guitarist blushed a deep pink, the words reminding him and stirring him inside. Yes, he had liked it. Alot.

"Imagine", Reita whispered naughtily, his voice dangerously low, "Imagine how they feel around your c....."

"Tired...." Ruki blundered past them both, smearing the bassist's cheek with his lips as he went. He disappeared into a dressing room only to return a moment later with a lit cigarette between his lips.

"That was so good. Sharing my heart with the crowd is my life, but sharing Kawamura's heart and soul was my dream." His back flat against the wall, he puffed on his cigarette whilst unbuttoning his glistening, sweat soaked black shirt. Running a hand through the strands of hair stuck to his forehead he visibly mustered himself, shaking his head vigorously enough for the rest of his hair to stand wildly on end.


Ruki was unaware of the two pairs of eyes watching intently as he took his shirt off, turning his back to them as he disappeared back into the dressing room. The microphone wire taped between his shoulder blades accentuating the slight curve of muscle running down to the visible top of his shorts.

Reita finally let go of the towel and smiled at Hiroto, copying Ruki's earlier motion and patting him on the head.

"All mine, Hi-ro-to, all mine."
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Subject:And now the itch begins...
Time:11:04 pm
The blister has gone, dried up naturally over the weekend.

And as the title suggests, now the itch begins.... >.<

Really sleepy now. Will update with pictures etc from Hyper Japan tomorrow.
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Subject:24 hours later
Time:11:16 pm
AS promised, 24 hours later and the bandages are off!

Left one has turned into a giant blister:

Right one is quite blistered too, more so than last time:

So there you have it, a couple of hundred quid later and both wrists are a pus-filled mess. But worry not, it will calm down in a couple of days and then the fun bit starts of watching the ink fade! (OK well I think it's fun).

I have been trying to tie my obi tonight ready for Sunday. I think it worked. I should have taken a picture really but I didn't. Will take loads at the weekend though so fear not!

Night night LJの皆さん.
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Subject:Tattoo removal
Time:09:16 pm
Today I have been for laser tattoo removal session #2.

It's been 5 weeks since the first one just to gauge how long I need to leave between sessions for my skin to recover. I think 4 weeks will be fine so have made appointment #3 for middle of August.

So, to record what happens here's some "before" pictures:

Left wrist:

Right wrist underneath:

Right wrist top:

And as of a minute ago:



Yeah, a bit hard to see the difference I know. I will post more pictures once the dressings are off XD


In other news, I came top of my Japanese class in my end of year exam. 90%. Not bad huh? Thing is, with no JLPT and no class to study for I'm finding myself at a complete loose end! Have been looking with lust-filled eyes at N3 books on amazon.jp...

Maybe I should take the time off to do some writing instead. I still have that very good idea for r x R that keeps nagging at the back of my mind!

But now, I have a cup of tea so I shall go drink it.

mata minna
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Time:02:32 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
I feel like I've got better at chatting this holiday. *nods*

Story idea is done, ready to be written.

Still have the dilemma though...

a) follow my dream and find a good job in Japan
b) say "fuck it" and come out here teaching English for 12 months
c) ignore dreams and concentrate on being the best I can in England

a & b probably mean going it alone. c means +1 but is it enough?
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Subject:something from my brain?
Time:04:19 pm
I am SO close to nailing down the full idea for this story it hurts!!

I am thinking about characters and situations everywhere I go in Japan at the moment. I just can't find the HOOK that I need to get started!!

ARGHGGGHHHHHHHHHH it's actually quite annoying!!1 BAH.

I just don't want to write 10000 words then decide that it's going in a different direction.
Maybe I should just get on and write and see what happens?

Jaaaaaaa, beer time. Beer helps ideas. Beer is good.

nihon kara, imusayo.
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Time:10:14 am
It's breakfast time!

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Subject:MASSIVE-ly dead
Time:01:13 pm
*looks at photo*



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Time:09:36 am
I made okonomiyaki...

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